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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Such a sad little miss

No one but Kara got much sleep last night. Amanda woke up feverish again (102) I gave her Tylenol but watched the 102 creep up to nearly 103 so I gave her a tepid bath, she was not happy but her temperature went down steadily afterwards and she finally drifted off to sleep. Her days and night are still confused as well, but I held a sobbing infant for over an hour last night and I hate that helpless feeling. Her insurance has not officially been activated.

No cough, nasal discharge, or any sign of anything wrong other than the fever, I am thinking ear infection. Monday we will be at the doctors office providing we can keep her fever down and keep her comfortable today, if not, it is a trip to Urgent Care. We almost went last night, but DD Julia was spending the night with friends and we did not want to take all three little girls out at 2 AM. Though Meghan woke up and was hovering over Da wringing her hands and wanting her to feel better, bless Meghan's dear little heart, she is such a loving little girl. Kara slept through it all, she is such a good sleeper.

Amanda is eating right now with DH and sounds happier, already had her Tylenol, and I have to say I hate giving our kids medicine, but she needed it, she was not as feverish this morning, but I would rather it not break through again and make her miserable. She did not seem to be in pain, and she is already white a a sheet in her coloring, so it was hard to tell what may be going on.

Last time we adopted I came home sick, I would rather it be me than Amanda, her cries make me cry, poor little sweetie. Please add her to your prayers, we are hoping it is a simple ear infection and nothing more serious, it scares me every time my kids get sick, I know you know what I mean.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Oh that poor dear. I am so sorry to hear she is sick. Hope and pray she gets better soon. What a loving and caring sister Meghan has turned into. Glad she is eating. Yeah I know the feeling of wishing the sick person was mom and not child. BIG HUG TO YOU AND THE REST OF THE FAMILY!!!!!!!

carol said...

Oh Kris sounds like a miserable night. I pray little Amanda gets well soon and it is something simple like a ear infection. How sweet of Meghan to be so worried about her. I hope all of you can get some rest today and her fever stays down. Take care and keep us posted.
hugs to all of the girls.
carol n

Rita Andrews said...

prayers going up for sweet Amanda and you all. I pray she will feel better quickly!!!


Leah Spring said...

I agree it sounds like ears. You mentioned when you got off the plane that she was crying inconsolably. I have a very difficult time with my ears when I fly. As we descend it feels like ice picks being stabbed into my ears. It's the most awful feeling and is the only reason I hate flying. I just returned from a mountain motorcycling trip, and had no ear problems coming down off the mountains. Until yesterday, when I sneezed and blew out my ear drum! It's HORRIBLE and today I have a fever. I'm so sorry Amanda is miserable. Poor baby...I will send mental hugs and say lots of prayers she feels better soon!

Amanda Jones said...

Saying prayers for your sweet girl!

Alice said...

Praying Amanda feels better, her fever stays down, and you all get some sleep!

My three little girls

My three little girls
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