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Friday, July 18, 2008

Stroller woes

I really like this one, especially if it comes in pink, LOL Reviews were decent.

We are shopping for a duo umbrella type stroller. Now Tom and I both have My Points accounts, I have had mine nearly 10 years. Over the years I have redeemed $200 worth of points to get gift cards, with them I bought clothing from Macy's or Target for me and the kids. I have been saving my points for almost 2 years now, saving for a rainy day, as we can get diapers an such with the gift cards from Target, Walmart, etc. (If you want your own account, I can refer you if you would like, just send me your email address)

Tom redeemed $100 worth of points to get a duo stroller for Amanda and Kara from Target, well they are out of stock. Trouble is I want it so I can take walks with the girls over rough terrain, and most of the customer reviews for the ones I can afford say they do poorly for anything but smooth surfaces. Well that won't work. So I am going to have to redeem my points too because the only strollers I see that will work for what I want them for are jogging strollers and are much more expensive.

My question from blog readers is, what did you buy for side to side, and do you like it? I have to get ours at Target, so choices are limited, and we cannot go over $300, and even that is a lot right now.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Hope you find one soon hun. I did not use a side by side. I did the old fashion one in front of the other.

Charlotte said...

Girl ! I got mine @ Toys R US and it was like under $100, it is by the brand Jeep ! Go to my family blog for the 4th of July and you can see it !

Charlotte and crew

WheresMyAngels said...

Yes, you will need the jogger type of stroller. It is funny that years ago for my girls I needed one to take them on walks on the gravel roads I lived on. All I could find was a 300 dollar bike/stroller dual that did not fold up. Thank goodness I had a van I could load it in, but I couldn't use it for shopping. I loved it for walks though. Back then, they didn't have alot to choose from.

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My three little girls
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