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Our three T21 princesses

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Waiting with baited breath

Our Amanda (we hope and pray) after being woken up from a nap, check out the wild hair! LOL

We did not expect to come home from Ukraine with our adoption nest egg emptied, but that is the reality. We have to start over fundraising and we are afraid that Estonia may not allow us the time we need to raise the funds to adopt our Amanda. Please pray that they will wait, we simply cannot lose another little girl, and she already feels like one of us.

Many folks thought we would decide to just adopt Kara after we got home, but even in Ukraine we thought of Amanda too. She and Kara will be so funny together, and we already picture them playing with each other. Will we be busy? Heavens yes, but happily so!

I am selling Gold Canyon Candles to help raise money for our adoption (among other things) If you would like to purchase a candle, please email me through the blog. I will try to get a working link up soon. This is the company and the candles I have for sale: http://www.goldcanyoncandle.com/. You will need to order from me in order for me to get credit.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amanda-no we have not forgotten her

We are so tired from our trip and adjusting to being back in America, but we thought of Amanda often while we were away. We have paperwork to complete for her adoption, and thousands of dollars to raise. Praying that happens quickly for her sake. Of course our readers are very welcome to donate whatever they wish and we would be very grateful for any help.

We have Amanda's sister Kara home, we can see how truly young 3 is, especially in a child who was living in an orphanage. Kara is just a baby, and Kristel is even younger than she. We are going to be very busy parents soon! It will be like having twins.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once