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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A little update

Picture taken in June, from left to right top row; Melissa and Desmond, Eric, Fred, Kris and Amanda, Brian and Kara. Second row, Meghan with her head down, Julia, Tom, Terry (standing) Mathias and Anna.
 Family gatherings are rough on Amanda, she gets a bit overwhelmed and will pull hair, scratch, or she will screech-scream.  She likes the sofa all to herself, she likes watching her TV programs, she does not want loud people hanging around in 'her' space. Which is why I am holding her in the picture above. She was unhappy that her brother was sitting on HER sofa.

Sitting next to Kara without scratching or hair pulling!
A week ago we had a birthday party for her sister Julia, Amanda did fairly well; yes she did pull hair once or twice, yes she did pay too close of attention to her nephews (spelled stalking...), but considering her last family party, it was a marked improvement.

We were so proud of her for showing more self-control. As she gets older, Amanda has shown that she can be a little less impulsive, she is a character, and she makes us laugh daily with her shenanigans, but she is also a very sweet little girl who loves being hugged!   

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once