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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting closer to self feeding!

Amanda last night, three of us have cold sores form being ill, lovely huh? Amanda had feeding therapy on Tuesday and she was picking up her spoon and bringing it to her mouth! Something she would not have done even a month ago, she is getting close to feeding herself, isn't that wonderful?

Actually she has made quite a few gains in her development and we are so happy to see these positive changes.

She is beginning to play with toys, not just wiggle them, but to look at them and explore them and turn pages of books. Her self-awareness is increasing daily too. I believe it is from spending the summer in the pool and getting all that sensory feedback, but she also seems to trust us more.

She is taking 3-4 steps when she tries to walk, but I know walking by herself is months away, she has very under-developed muscles, but she is getting stronger. She is getting a social smile, actually smiling at people who say hi to her, not all the time, but anything is better than hiding her face from them!

Here she is playing outside, yes my girls get very dirty outside, she has a blast in the grass and we have also seen her eat dirt, arg!
Today we had a few people over and she went from person to person, climbing in laps and sitting for a bit. In speech she cooperated with most of her therapy too.
It is heartening to see her growing and learning and to know she will continue to improve in small ways. Her autistic behaviors remain, they are no better or worse. At this point in her life, it is not a huge hindrance in her social development because she spends the day with us and we do not demand what a school would of her, we do not overly stress her and give her space when she needs it. I think we made the right choice in keeping her home with us. I understand everyone has different priorities, I want Kara and Amanda to have a good foundation of support and bonding before they are thrust into another experience. I suppose I do not want to share the girls with others yet, I am not certain, but my heart tells me we are doing what is right for them, for us.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once