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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One last trip to the mall

I got Amanda dressed and we went down to breakfast, afterwards we talked to daddy on Skype for a little while and then told her we were going bye bye. I went over to the kitchen and found her trying to climb into her stroller. She does not really climb, so I thought it was great progress for her. In addition to that she is beginning to understand some English! Yea!
She was very intent in getting into her stroller and very upset with me for wasting time taking her picture. I could not resist though, she was so cute trying so hard.
I keep saying how skinny Amanda is, I think this picture really shows how thin she truly is. Her pants, which are size 18 months, fall off of her.

Doesn't she look like she is saying "Come on mama lets go". I am happy she enjoys going bye bye, wonder how she will like leaving for good? I feel sad for her, this is her place of birth and she will never get to live here again. I hope to bring her back when she is older and can understand more, though I am not certain she will ever truly comprehend everything involved in her adoption with her cognitive delay, praying she can at least a little.

We finally got everything together and made our way to the mall to get Amanda's food for the trip home. I found the yogurt that does not need refrigeration and some jarred fruit. Hopefully 8 yogurt and 6 fruit will be enough, maybe too much? Better that than not enough!

Leaving the mall, I love the statuary all over town, you can see the modern side of Tallinn here, and the mall is just like all malls, they all seem the same whether in Kiev, Indianapolis, or Tallinn. Too much money for very little. :o)

Almost back to the apartment, I will miss these streets and the wonderful old buildings. I think that it is confusing to our brains to be somewhere so far away and yet it is so inaccessible to us upon our return home. For the longest time I felt like I should be able to walk out my door and be in Vorzel, not being able to so was disconcerting. Going home this time and seeing the Catalina mountains from my window instead of the Soprus theater will take some adjustment. I am so glad to be going home, yet sad to be leaving as well. I have barely explored this city. I would love to go in the tunnels below the city, they have always fascinated me. I would bet a stroller would not work down there. LOL
Back home, I love the winding roads. I was disappointed that the Domina City Hotel to the right took down the American flag a few days ago. I know there must be a good reason, but somehow I feel slighted by it. The British flags hangs proudly at all times.

Back home and time for lunch and a nap. Tomorrow we go back to Upper Old Town (Toompea) to finish getting little gifts (very little, things cost so much) for the kids.


carol said...

Amanda has changed so much in the short time you have had her. I cant imagine what she is going to be like in 6 months. The city is beautiful. Have fun shopping for your last minute gifts. Have a safe trip home. I have been praying for a safe and calm flight for you and Amanda.
carol n

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I know you wish you could see more of the city. Amanda looks so beautiful... It is so cute that she knows what going bye bye is. I love that she goes for her stroller and amazed that she is understanding English better.

Carson's Mom said...

Congratulations, the journey is finally over. Have a safe trip home and enjoy those girls.


Amy said...

Cute video! That stroller makes Amanda look really tiny.:) I can't wait for you to get home with all the rest of the family. Boy will she be surprised with the girls and all the toys!! Prayers for a uneventful flight home.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! If you are able - check your e-mail as I'm sending you something that I hope will make you smile! :)


Dolores said...

I'm really proud of you Kris, being there and doing this by yourself. Amanda is so worth it but being in a foreign country without your husband and missing the other kids is not easy, I can imagine. Big changes in plans along the way and raising funds has required a lot of faith and flexibility-- I'm so glad you can see it all as God's will. Way to go, Kris!

Alice said...

Kris, I counted 3 pictures of Amanda looking at you!!! Even when she was so focused on getting in the stroller she gave you her attention.:) That is great!

Sara and Adam said...

Amanda is absolutely beautiful. She looks like a doll! Wishing you an easy and smooth journey home!

Congratulations again on your newest addition!

My three little girls

My three little girls
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