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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our last day here

I took these of the two of us, gotta love the look on Amanda's face. She was actually laughing and hugging me, and it was a really special time for both of us. The best thing? When we loaded the pictures on the computer she sat in my lap and got excited when she saw us. She said Mama to every new image of us. I want to think she is calling me Mama, but I was told that the kids here say it when they are hungry (maybe someone was pulling my leg?) I chose to believe she knows I am her Mama. :o)

A nice American woman took this picture of us, not the best picture of me, but we are together in it, and in Tallinn. I was talking when she snapped the picture, oh well...I am in a PICTURE, amazing.

Truth be told, I feel sad to be leaving Tallinn, it is so beautiful here and I feel like there is so much to see and learn. Amanda and I took a walk to Toompea Hill and took quite a few pictures of lower town. I took them until my memory card was full and there was still so much more to photograph.

I am not a world traveler, I would love to be, as nothing makes me happier than seeing new places, exploring, and discovering a special place or thing. However, on a teachers salary, that will rarely be a huge part of our lives. So adopting both girls has been such a gift to me (us) in that respect; allowing me to see such wonderful places and living in a completely new place for a while. My only sadness this trip is that I did not get to share my discoveries with my husband or my other children.
Being in Tallinn is a gift from God, I am so grateful for being able to be Amanda's mother. I get to have the privilege of seeing her learn and grow.

I feel so lucky, and I know that I did not get here under my own devices, but with a lot of help from very good people from our agency AHI to my friends at Reece's Rainbow, Angelsisters, 10nbelow, and BCSN. All of you helped us get to Tallinn to adopt sweet Amanda. So on this, our last day here, I wanted to tell all of you thank you from the bottom of my heart.


liesel said...

Hooray! Hooray! You'll be home soon!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I absolutely love the pictures of you and Amanda. I agree her face in a few of them are classic. I am glad you were able to find someone to take the picture of the two of you. I would love to think that when she says mama that she is talking about you. I do not think you have heard her say that word before and I know you have probably said it to her when talking about yourself. SO I agree she is talking about you. That city is sooooo beautiful. I am with you on wishing I could see more of this world.

You are so welcome for the help... I only wished I could help more. WE LOVE YOU AND AMANDA!!!!!!!!!

carol said...

What beautiful pictures.I was so glad to see you in a few of them. I think you look wonderful. Such a good pic of mother and daughter.
The building are just breath taking.
You have so many people that love you and Amanda. Your life is going to be so much fun watching all of these little girls grow up. Have a safe flight. I know you will be tired when you get home if you cant update would you have Tom let us know you guys made it to Arizona ok. Cant wait to hear more about Estonia and Amanda once you are home and rested.I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow as you travel. I am praying Amanda will be a good traveler.
God Bless
carol n

Cammie Heflin said...

I'm so excited for you and Amanda! I can't wait to see her with her new sisters! It's going to be wonderful!

Andrea Roberts said...

Isn't Tallinn great? So glad you got to go when the weather was nice. Can't wait for you to get home!---Andrea

amyl4 said...

Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful pictures of Amanda and Estonia with us. It was great to follow your journey to get your sweet little girl.:)

carol said...

Dont know if you will get back on before you leave or not. Just wanted to say . HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT. Theres no place like home and you will soon be there. God Bless. Know I am thinking of you as you travel with Amanda back home to the arms of your awaiting family. Kris I am so proud of you being gone so long by yourself. you have handled this like everything else a pro.
Will be waiting to hear that you are back home safe.
carol n

Valda said...

LOVE the pictures of you and Amanda together!! I agree about her saying Mama. I think she is referring to you. Estonia is a beautiful place and I hope you are able to return with Amanda some day when she is older.
Remember while you're traveling, I'll be thinking about and praying for you both!

My three little girls

My three little girls
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