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Monday, June 30, 2008

Some pictures from today

We ended up talking a walk after all, it was muggy outside and we both got really warm. I walked up a hill, trying my best to find the church, but I could not.
Amanda is sleeping, and I am trying to get sleepy, watching some TV shows I missed when I was in Ukraine.
So this is Miss Amanda in her Ukrainian stroller. :o) She is wearing Kara's hoodie and Meghan's and Kara's old clothes, she looks good in them though. I can't wait to get her some new things bought just for her! Especially some shoes that fit, she is in a 4, those are 5's, she is wearing two pair of socks to keep them on. She also wears 18-24 month clothing, 2T swim on her skinny body. Her pants fall off of her, only the leggings and one pair of jeans stay on.
Carol asked me if the apartment was nice, yes, it really is, very clean, pretty colors, but I have always loved blue and gold together. There is a small washer, I am in heaven because I do not have to wash clothes in a tub this time. There is also a drying rack and an ironing board. Still I had 3 meals a day in Ukraine, so there are trade offs.


carol said...

It is nice to see you guys outside. The apartment sounds nice. Have you heard when you will come home? Amanda is changing in looks every day. I really dont know how to expain it is something in her eyes. They dont look as sad.
How are you doing Kris. Everyone is talking about Amanda I want to know about Kris. Know you are on my mind and I think of you often. I dont think your family is going to let you out of their site once you get home from this last trip. A nice feeling knowing you are loved.
Take care my friend cant wait till you are back on U.S. soil.
Your friend carol n

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Amanda looks like she was enjoying the walk. Hope you both liked the walk even though it was muggy.

From hearing the sizes Amanda wears she is as small as she looks but that just makes her special in her own way. That will also help when you get home with the clothes she will just follow suit right behind the other two.

Hope you both are doing ok.

melonie thompson said...

Only 9 days left! I marked off each day and what we did and the new and exciting things Max enjoyed:)
I hope you are doing well. Go to the bakery and eat an apple treat for me!!!!! I must of gained 5lbs from them...2 a day wasn't so bad huh
Hugs, Melonie

My three little girls

My three little girls
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