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Monday, June 9, 2008

A gift from the divine heart

Last Friday night I received an email from the grant agency asking for more detailed information about who we would adopt, when we were traveling and how much we have spent so far, their board will be deciding on our grant soon. I took a deep breath and said a little prayer as I filled out the information they had requested. Later that night as was praying before I fell asleep, a dear friend was also praying, we are both mothers and we fall asleep around the same time each night. Like me, she cherishes the quiet time after the family is asleep and the house is still. I usually spend that time writing emails, updating the blog, and praying. She seems to do the same thing, I think a lot of moms are the same.

As we get closer to our travel date, I find I am praying more often for the good Lords help. With the email about our grant on my mind; I asked Him once again to help us and at the same time it came to this very special person that they should help our family by donating more for Amanda's adoption, they have already done so much so it was truly a blessing that they reached out to help once again.

So the next morning when I went to the computer with hopes that there may be a Paypal notice of a donation or some news about our adoption grant, (I know for those of you who have never adopted, this may be hard to understand, but adopting two little ones in less than a year has been a struggle, no matter how much we raise, there is still a sizable amount left to pay our agency and Amanda's Visa, exit medicals, Passport, drivers to and from the airport and taxis if we want to go anywhere at all, translators for court and speaking with the orphanage, etc. We also will need to pay our bills while we are gone and cannot take every cent with us, the girls and their brothers will need food and all the bills we have while home will still be due while we are away. DH will lose 5 days of work this time, no pay. ) Once again I digress, so sorry.

So I went to my inbox and there was an email from this family. In it they said they felt it divine will to help us, and I immediately thanked God (and the family) for this enormous gift as I knew it was an answer to my prayers. The family wishes to remain anonymous, but wanted me to share that they are from our local community and they are hoping it may inspire others here to want to help Amanda come home too.

They have donated $1,000 towards her adoption, actually more, as they donated earlier this year as well, this donation will pay for our apartment in Estonia including our breakfast charges of a now reduced $8.00 a day instead of the $15.00 quoted last week, thank goodness, though we are still bringing breakfast foods with us regardless, DH thinks I should eat breakfast there after he leaves, reducing the cost to $4, yes we are counting every penny. What astonishes me is that we are paying more for the apartment for our 18 day stay than we pay for our mortgage, a total of $1,260 for just the apartments. We have already sent in a 30% deposit to reserve the rooms.

To keep everything clear in my mind, I find it helps me to mark each donation towards a known cost so that I have a idea what we still need. You can see why I am praying for the grant we applied for nearly 3 months ago. We truly need it.

I know it is God's will that we adopt Amanda, but I do not recommend others adopt two children from different countries within a years time. Not only does the child you adopted first deserve that special time with your family, but it is such a financial drain. We are not sorry we went through with both adoptions, and Lord willing, Amanda will be home by the middle of next month. She is a precious little girl and we love her. We want to begin our life with her in our family.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is so wonderful of this family to do this for Amanda!!!

Thank you God for giving this wonderful family more of a step up to bring this beautiful angel home.

I pray that the grant that they need will come through for them so that they can bring this little one home and begin growing as a wonderful loving family.


Arizona mom to eight said...

Amen, thank you Dawn. ((((((((hugs)))))

Alice said...

Wonderful news of such a generous gift! Still praying for the grant. I'm so excited for you-less than 2 weeks to go!!

My three little girls

My three little girls
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