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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

End of day rambling

This is Tallinn Estonia on the longest day of the year, it was 8:30 PM when I took this. Midsummer's Night celebration is today, I think we will be staying here, Amanda would not like the chaos, one small step at a time, no need to overwhelm her. I am a little bummed about missing it, but hey, we came here for Amanda, not a vacation, her comfort is more important!
Both are views above are from our 4th floor window

Daddy putting on Amanda's shoes, we took a walk to the mall to buy some food.

Amanda does stand, but does not cruise furniture or crawl up on anything, good thing, because she falls off, so she does not know how to crawl down either. She does stand well with a little pronation.
Doesn't she look pretty? Yes, these were Meghan's, my Gymboree friends will recognize the line, lets see if they can name it in the comments section, and Marsha, thanks for the onesie she is wearing. I did not buy very many new things because Meghan had enough clothes for 5 children and all of her things were practically new. Plus, we were saving to adopt, so that meant no shopping. I left so much home I wish I had brought, but she can wear those things later. I am going to have fun dressing them all in pretty things and showing them off, my 4 beautiful daughter, though Julia will choose her own clothes. LOL
We walked to the mall, got stared at, maybe because I was wearing a long floral skirt?? Some folks looked twice at our Amanda, well, we are used to that in America too. Amanda did not like the walk that much, but she liked the bath she had after her dinner less. She looks fresh and clean. She is in her jammies and ready for bed. Rocking and singing behind me, she really is a rocker, we will need to do some brushing when we get home. She loves massages, so I think she will love brushing too. (feather-soft brush, it is for kids with sensory issues)
We are nearing the end of another day, tomorrow is our big day! Tomorrow Amanda officially becomes our daughter (praying). I am so tired, it is hard to adjust to this new time zone, I napped with Amanda today already, I think I will just get used to the time zone and have to come home!
I promise we will get pictures of me with Amanda tomorrow, I take the pictures, so it is always me behind the camera.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The city is beautiful. So is Amanda. It is wonderful that you have so many beautiful clothes for the girls. I love seeing Amanda standing and doing things... she is such a smart girl.

carol said...

I was so glad to see another update. Sounds like Amanda is adjusting well. How cute is she standing.How much fun is that going to be dressing those 3 little sweethearts.I agree I think Julia will want to pick her own..LOL
cant wait for that picture of you with Amanda.
carol n

amyl4 said...

Oh my Goodness,she IS a tiny little thing.:) She is soooooo CUTE! I love her hair and her smile. Your pictures are beautiful. It looks very comfortable where you are, I hope so anyway! Praying for a good experience with court. I can't wait to see pics of Amanda in her new Mommy's arms!

Arizona mom to eight said...

Hi all,

the city is beautiful, lots of statues, pansies, and GREEN, Dawn, we appreciate the green, I know it has not rained in Tucson yet.
Carol, I can't wait to get back home, though I do love a home with no junk to mess it up, our apartment this time is huge compared to Ukraine Amy, so we do really like it, plus we have wireless internet, can't beat that!

Thank you for you prayers.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once