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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy busy

I hope Amanda is ready for desert living,
poor baby, she is used to cooler weather

We are getting everything ready to leave Saturday at 9:00. Our sons are moving in, Brian and Marcus will live here, and the other s will help with the youngest two, Meghan and Kara. Julia will be helping as well. Mom is a little nervous at the prospect of leaving her family behind, especially the little girls.

I can hardly believe this day is here; I feel like pinching myself and as sleepless nights rush forward to our travel date, I can hardly contain my excitement and my trepidation, we have only adopted once before, and it went awry, thank goodness we came home with Kara, but not without loss and heartache. Our joy at seeing her change and grow replaces the sadness and the regret, but we will never forget why we traveled to Ukraine in the first place.

So now it is 6 months since we adopted Kara and we will soon be on our way to adopt her little sister. Both of us are so excited about seeing Amanda, the thrill of the first meeting, and the worry if she will like us as much as we do her. We love her little face, but we do not know her yet, nor she us. Still it will be no different from meeting Kara who was an unknown child! We knew immediately she was supposed to be our daughter, we already know this about Amanda!

Back to packing and rechecking documents for the 20th time.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I have been here anxiously awaiting news. I am so excited for you and your family and I can hardly sit still.... need to sit still with a broken ankle. LOL
I pray for a safe trip there and back with our new little angel.

I can not wait to see pictures and see how she has grown.
I keep looking at the date and getting more and more anxious. I know it must be worse for you....

Please God encamp your angels around Kris and Tom and give them a safe trip to Estonia. Then continue to encamp around them but include their new little angel within your protection. Bring them all home to Tucson to the rest of their family safe and sound.

I love you Kris.... my thoughts and prayers go with you.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Thank you Dawn, for everything, I hope you are healing well from your ankle.

carol said...

I will be watching the blog everyday for a update. I cant wait to see pic of you holding Amanda. I bet she is going to look so sweet in her Comming home dress. Praying for a safe flight and a fast return. Enjoy your time with Amanda.
carol N

My three little girls

My three little girls
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