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Friday, October 17, 2008

Renal ultrasound is done

Our day began with a quick breakfast, throwing clothes on the girls and running out the door. Amanda's appointment for her renal ultrasound was at 10:00. I sent out a plea for prayers because I get very nervous about scan, especially where cancer is in the mix. I have had 5 cancer related scans, my heart still flutters when I think about them.

Then there is childhood cancer, and a very thorough mommy who read all about Wilm's tumors and the chemotherapy and radiation given for them. Oy, saying I prayed before bed, when I woke up and at stoplights is not exaggeration.

We had to wait for 35 minutes before they called us back. We got a very sweet technician who was kind and gentle with Amanda. Amanda was trembling in fear and I was holding her hand and soothing her, she calmed down in about 5 minutes, I think because the technician was so sweet to her. (no this is not Amanda's kidney, I simply wanted to share what the image looked like)

She scans the first kidney and I looked intently, it looked like a regular kidney to me, smooth shape, no lumps, bumps, or cysts anywhere from any angle. I could breath, was I holding my breath? So far so good, thank you HF.

We turned Amanda on her other side and scanned the second kidney, still looked fine, but to the right was her full tummy, which looked black, and to the left was her bowels, which looked white, the tech said, because they were full of air, which I know is true, Amanda has a lot of gas. The second kidney looked good, not as smooth as the first, but the tech did not look concerned. She checked Amanda's bladder next explaining that aniridia sometimes is associated with malformations of the urinary system. Amanda does void her bladder in a huge gush, very peculiar, so I would imagine something is up there?

I said I was relieved and was reminded that Amanda would need to come in every 6 months for sonograms of her kidneys because of her aniridia, now I thought they believed she had it, but the medical professionals are saying she DOES have it. I figure they won't know for certain until they do the karyotype. However, her irises are not normal, no doubt about that, so I suppose they do know better than I. Until a few weeks ago, I never even heard of aniridia.

We will know everything is 100% OK once the radiologist reads Amanda's scans.

Amanda thinks it is fun to grab things and pull hard. Like my hair, dozens of times today, my scalp hurts, and we will have to work on this one. Killer grip, yes indeed, she is STRONG! Kara also was the recipient of hair pulling from little sis. I put her on the rocking doggie and she did this, it made me laugh, and she was so proud of herself. I think it is time to trim teh girls hair, it is not fun, they fight us, refuse to sit still and all of us get sad afterwards...


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What a cutie. Glad you are getting those exams done.

Oh one of my daughters used to do the same thing on her rocking horse... lol

carol said...

I am glad the ultra sound is done and looks like good results. I love the pictures of amanda and her feet on the rocking dog how cute is that. She is changing daily. Keep up the good work.
carol n

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad the results were good. I have been praying for Amanda.

My three little girls

My three little girls
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