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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Replies to comments

Thank you to everyone who answered my questions here and via email, it helps to get different perspectives.

our daughter still occasionally rocks after 1.5 years home, we gently stop her, it is a coping mechanism that they must be weaned off of when tired or frustrated.

She looks EXHAUSTED in this video and appears to fall asleep during it or have a mild seizure? She about falls over and closes her eyes for long periods of time. Could she have a sleep disorder that is causing such exhaustion she appears autistic and touchy during the day?

hi Amy,

She is sick, she has a cold, so she really is tired, but she just woke up from a nap there, so that may also explain how she looks too.

Amanda drops her head all the time, she is not sleeping, she hangs her head to breath deeply and grind her teeth, it part of her self-stim pattern. I was sitting right in front of her, so I know this for certain. Though seizures are definitely not out of the question for her. She will see a neurologist for her plagiocephaly and aniridia, he can do as many exams as are required to diagnose her.

watch video-11 seconds through 17 seconds in-eyes closed falling asleep!!24 seconds-head falls over, she trembles and then pops back out of it. Please check for a sleep disorder or seizure disorder. Show your doctor this video.Amy

I can send him to the website to watch her, I actually did this video for a friend who is having a doctor look at it for me. (thanks Dede)

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My three little girls

My three little girls
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