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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The mouth is the interpreter for the heart. part 2

I was not going to say anything about this, in fact, I saved it as a draft for a few days, but this needs to be said, and I guess I will jump in with both feet and get it over with.

The mouth is the interpreter for the heart.

Considering my feelings lately when it comes to the unkind things that folks say and do; this proverb speaks to me. My reprimand for saying how I feel is to be ignored absolutely and completely by people I thought were friends, people who I helped when they asked for it, not expecting anything in return except their friendship.

I had a couple of folks come to me upset about something and we talked about our feelings, I have never heard from either one again. It saddens me to think they were on a fishing expedition, or they did not mean what they said, sadly it appears this is so. I suppose it serves me right, I was not all that kind about the situation, we reap what we sow.

The mouth is the interpreter for the heart.

I wonder when these folks decided to get information from me, did they tell themselves that is was for the greater good? Did they consider how it would affect me and my family? Nothing else illustrates how a person feels about you that when they do something this unkind to you.

I think the absolute worse expression of this was leaving comments on a blog and having it removed, not once, but three times (different comments, all benign, things like: I am happy for you, or what a cute picture) It was giving me the message, I was not welcome there, and I no longer read the blog. How sad, but by words and actions of others, I got the message, you are not one of us and we do not care to be associated with you.

The mouth is the interpreter for the heart.

Does it matter? I believe it does, I think folks do and say things in cyber land they never would in a face-to-face encounter. Awfully cruel things, wounding things. I love my Internet friends, I cherish their friendships, but I do not cherish the pain they cause when they punish me for saying how I feel. They not only turned away from me, but the children I adopted, and my precious little girls did nothing wrong. I suppose I deserve that for not toeing the line, for being different, I suppose it makes it OK, and it is such a Christian way to treat me and my family.

The mouth is the interpreter for the heart, and actions sometimes speak louder than words, thank you, all of you who decided we were unworthy, for letting us know how you truly feel about us.

A sincere thank you to those who love us regardless, we love you too.


traceylynndel said...

Kris, I don't know what this was about or what led up to it but I am sorry you were hurt. I think your girls are precious. I'm glad they have you to advocate for them. God led you to the girls meant for your family. I love reading thier blogs and seeing how they are progressing. I'm not near enough to be a real friend but I count you as one of my internet friends. Maybe someday we'll be passing through or you'll go to Disney and we can meet for real. Until then know I am praying for you and cheering on your family.

grammygwen said...

Hi Kris, I'm a little late in reading this. Some how I missed it.
I am sorry for the hurt that this has caused you. Hurtful things sort of like this has happen to me in life and because of it I have a hard time making friendships with women. I am making good friendships with ladies of all ages at church and this has helped me to trust again. You are entitled to your own opinion and if someone doesn't want it then they shouldn't ask. I have read your comments on other blogs, including my daughter's and they are never anything but kind and loving. The way I look at it is, it is their lost. I think that you are a wonderful woman, wife and mother.
Hugs. Gwen

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My three little girls
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