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Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Mandy Moo has some BAD teeth

Well, Amanda did not have a good dental check up, I did not expect her to, but I am shocked at how bad her teeth really are. Keep in mind, she has not had x-rays yet, so these are only estimates of what she may need.

If you are a dental assistant, you can appreciate the fallowing:

Baby teeth are represented by letters. A-J are the upper teeth. That is 10 teeth total, 7 need work.

Work needed on her upper jaw:
Tooth A-two surface composite filling
B-Pulpotomy and stainless crown
D-Pulpotomy and resin crown-white
E-Pulpotomy and resin crown-white
F-Pulpotomy and resin crown-white
I -Pulpotomy and stainless crown
J-Two surface composite filling

Lower teeth are represented by letters K-T, 10 teeth total.; 4 of her teeth need work here. Amanda is just getting in M and R, so thankfully no decay there. N,O,P and Q are all worn down from her tooth grinding, no cavities found using the dental probe.

Work needed on her lover jaw:
Tooth K-Two surface composite filling
L-Pulpotomy and stainless crown
S-Pulpotomy and stainless crown
T-Two surface composite filling

Total due after insurance pays their $855 is $3,067. Ridiculous, and why do we pay so much for dental insurance? I forgot to mention, this total does not include anesthesia....hopefully Amanda can get her ALTCS before this appointment.


WheresMyAngels said...

That is about the same amount we just payed for Cheyenne's 11 cavities,one crown and two teeth being pulled. Our Dental doesn't cover much either :(

We do have a free dental service in Missouri sponsered by the ELKS for people with disabilities but it was too booked to get Cheyenne in, plus they don't do any sedations. She didn't need put out but she did get the laughing gas. Mercede requires sedation.

liesel said...

Oh no! Poor Baby! Poor Mommy and Daddy!

Alice said...

Poor Mandy! I'll bet her gums looked better, though, after all your hard work. She is gonna be one happy girl after getting all those teeth fixed. I hope the work is started soon! Any of those that need pulpotomies could abcess at any time. It is amazing that she eats at all! Can they do in-office sedation in AZ or will she have to go to the hospital? She is so blessed to have such a wonderful family to take care of her.

Arizona mom to eight said...


Thanks you for you sweet comment. :o)

I knew you would appreciate how much work she needs. Her gums are improved, though still recovering. They no longer bleed when when brush her teeth, so that is a huge plus.

She sees one of two pediatric dentists who have the sedation in office, the anesthesiologist has worked with Meghan, he is really good. I just worry about how small Amanda is, she looks so frail. Her appointment is September 16th.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Cheyenne's teeth sound like Meghan's. No matter what we do, she gets cavities.

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My three little girls
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