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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blood tests done

Taking three little girls for blood work is NOT fun, I hate hearing the girls cry and I am not fond of needles. All three were very upset, they were worried about Amanda's because she is so tiny, but hopefully got all the blood they needed, we got juices for the girls, Amanda will get extra in her food. Whew, so glad it's done.

Amanda got titers for immunizations, I guess they did not trust that she truly got them, though I do. She also got blood drawn for thyroid, CBC, HIV and other STD's. Covering all the bases I guess, poor baby could not have any other work done.

Kara got CBC, thyroid, and her genetic testing as her syndrome has never been confirmed via blood work (karyotyping). She was also tested for Celiac.

Meghan got blood drawn for CBC, Celiac, and thyroid hormone levels.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I understand hating the sound of crying babies. Even the older ones.... I had to hold Aleishia down for her tetnus. Boy, she is strong...

Praying that they got enough blood from the girls and all test come back ok.

Mindy said...

Awww, I couldn't imagine seeing your little girls cry. I'm sure they do their share of it, as all little ones do, but the thought of them being scared breaks my heart. Glad it went smoothly and that it's over. Amanda is looking so great in all her photos ! She looks like she is so happy to be home. :)

My three little girls

My three little girls
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