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Thursday, August 7, 2008

4th place? No FIRST place in our hearts forever and always

It has been a long day, we were busy all day, but nothing noteworthy happened. I made appointments at the social security office to apply for SSI for the girls, I made an appointment for Kara to see an orthopedist as she pronates excessively, walking on her inner ankles, and needs orthotics. I called to get Kara’s immunization records sent to me to register her for school as somehow they were missing when we tried to do that Monday. I talked to the pediatrician’s office about Kara’s blood test results (all normal) and I spoke to a friend about a gorgeous little person available for adoption…OMG is she gorgeous and I am dreaming…

Actually, I have a pretty boring family, but the blogs were written for the girls to have a story of how they got here to America, they were not written to be entertaining, though at times I fall victim to that. Honestly though, nothing makes me happier than reading successful adoption stories, I also read those that do not end as well with tears and prayers, but I am a sucker for a happy ending.

I am joyful that so many families in the last year have had their storybook endings, some of them are minor celebrities (not us) and some use their adoptions as a stepping stone to advocate for children still in the orphanages(I would say most of us do this). If you were to listen to those families’ stories, you would hear 100 different reasons why they were adopting, and 100 interesting stories to follow. The majority of us adopting children with Down syndrome or other special needs do not always get support for our dreams, even as far as family ignoring our journeys. Lucky folks have the full support of theirs.

I would like to encourage anyone who reads my blog to read and comment on other adoption blogs as well; I see some blogs getting thousands of hits and others a dozen. Each family is special, all the children they are adopting are God's angels, and all deserve an audience as they enter into their new families. I know it is a lonely feeling for me when I see the mobs elsewhere, most days, I don’t care, others, it really bothers me.

Oftentimes I feel like a 4Th place winner in the Olympics; getting there was incredibly difficult, but no one remembers my name! LOL I would love for folks to give Kara and Amanda their standing ovation, even if they are 4th place winners in the adoption world. They will always be 1st place winners to us and our close friends, and that is what truly counts.

I will soon begin to print out the pages of their blogs for their life books, when they have been home a year, I will stop writing in both, I will miss it, but it will be time.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You are the girls hero's and you are an inspiration to me.

You have got a couple of great girls through adoption!

Shelley said...

I read all your blogs. I'm horrible at commenting because I read all the blogs on google reader. But, I wanted you to know that I do read along :) And, I don't know if ggogle reader shows up as hits on the blog or not. I think it does...but not sure????

kristynewb said...

I have to confess that I am slack on blog reading, but when I do take the time to read them, yours is one of the first I go to.

Amanda and Kara are little superstars to me!

grammygwen said...

I love to read your blogs. All of your girls are adorable. I love to read about their progress and their different personalities. I rarely sign a blog unless it's my daughter's(the Newbold's). I thought about signing yours a few times, but never did. I will miss the updates when you stop them. Maybe you could be persuaded to continue their blogs longer. There are some of us that check them everyday.lol. God bless you and your family. Gwen

carol said...

Amanda and Kara are FIRST place winners in my opinion. I hope that when you stop their blogs after 1 year you will start another one. I dont know what I would do if I did not have my Amanda and Kara and Meghan fix every day. Thank You for bloging and sharing with us. You are a inspiration to all.
carol n

Arizona mom to eight said...

I plan on making a family blog where I can talk about all of our children, it is so hard to keep up with 3 blogs, adn a lot of times, teh information of one includes the others, hence my stopping after a year.

Thank you all who do read our blogs, we appreciate it, did you see my blog roll, some really great families adopting in those blogs. :o) Some never get comments except for mine, please check them out, give them your support.

melonie thompson said...

We love you and just think you are amazing:) Im so glad we have become such great friends!
You and your family are our fav....
Hugs to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

I will definitely check out some of the blogs on your blog roll! I check yours quite often too, I love reading about your girls...

Unknown said...

ive looked at a few in the one of kara r they the same as here if you have a fam one you should put a link to the old blogs that stays for about a month so that peopel will see and find you befor u deleat them or even keep them and the same account keep then who knows who mite wanna read ur past story ive seen that witnh the charge people theuve got links to odl part of there sites well u could do that a link that says kara and amandas story jsut an idea reckon others would love it ellen

Arizona mom to eight said...

I am not closing these blogs, I am just going to stop posting to them on a regular basiss, I will make a family blog eventually. Keeping up with 3 is difficult for me. I will be sure to link to the girls blogs from the family blog.

Meredith said...

Interesting that you feel this way. Though I have something like 700 unread blogs on my reader from being gone, yours is "read up" and I always look to see how your girls are doing. I rarely comment anywhere because I read them on Google Reader though. I can't imagine keeping up so many blogs, I'd be tempted to make them all one sooner! LOL Amanda holds a special place in my heart as she's someone we strongly considered adopting before we had a clear answer to our path...


Arizona mom to eight said...

I read quite a few blogs, and often I am one of the only people commenting, and I adore reading comments, I even read them on others blogs.

I don't use Google reader, it sounds like they need to improve it if you can't comment, what fun is it to read and not commment? I assume most folks blog to connect to others, and there is no connection without comments. I know that many of us have limited time on the computer (that is very true for me)so I understand about that. I think you had a VERY GOOD reason why you could not read or comment on other peoples blogs. No one would expect you to. I am so thrilled with Emma's response to her heart repair, so thankful to God for pulling her through it and for her remarkable recovery!

WheresMyAngels said...

Awhile back when I asked on a post if anyone wanted their blog advertised. This was mainly for my needs. lol Because I typically go to my blog and use the links there to read blogs. While I read your blog, I don't read it as often as I do some blogs, ONLY because it is not on my blog roll. I have to go thru hundreds of links on my favorites list to find it.

So can I link ya now!! lol

Arizona mom to eight said...

Of course you can link to the girls blogs! :o)

My three little girls

My three little girls
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