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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mandy Moo's teeth

We have been dutifully brushing her teeth with a power tooth brush and following the brushing with baking soda, her gums are not bleeding as much and her teeth are white! No more nasty yellow pirates teeth, and no more stinky Amanda! It takes the two of us to brush her teeth, she may be skinny, but she is not weak.
She cries the entire time and it breaks my heart. I can see shepossibly needs two teeth pulled, they seem to have rotted to the gum line, but I can't get a good look, they could be deformed instead.

I have to call the dentist tomorrow for all of the girls, I wanted to be certain Amanda's heart defect was stable before I let a dentist poke around in her mouth.
She is beginning to allow us to hug her more, she is so confused about how to give affection, with Tom she gets excited and pinches him, but she does not pinch me, she pulls my hair. She truly dislikes anyone too close to her face, though she kissed me several times today. Afterwards though she places her forehead against mine and breaths hard. It is so hard for her, but she craves the attention. In time I think she will ask give and receive affection without the fear she seems to have now.
She is covered in mosquito bites despite our dressing her in long sleeves and pants, we are finding the mosquito's and killing them, but they just come back. I need to get Skin so Soft for all the girls, despite the parabens in it, we have to protect them from those nasty bugs.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am glad you are being able to make her smile slowly better. She has a cute smile...
Hope that she can soon lose that fear of affection. I am glad there is some improvement though.
Sorry to hear about all the bug bites.

carol said...

Sounds like you have made alot of progress with Amanda (are you going to call her Mandy?). I am so glad you have gotten her teeth white. Maybe some day she wont cry.
Cong on the Citizenship papers.
carol n

Alice said...

Ooh,she looks like a Mandy.:) I'm proud of you for sticking with the mouth-care even with the battles. That is hard to do! So glad you got the paperwork!

Arizona mom to eight said...

It is so hard to put her through it, last night she was playing and laughing with me until she saw the toothbrush, she moved away quickly and then grabbed the toothbrush and thrust it away from her, it was a terrible struggle, but I managed it. Her teeth look better, I can see the upper front may need to be pulled, they look pretty bad.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once