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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Airfare update-prayer request

I have been on-line and on the phone all morning, so far the best I can do is $4,272.00 for all three of us, non-changeable airfare and $4,470.00 for changeable.

Pluses, the first is through Delta and we do have Skymiles accounts, we could earn enough Skymiles from Ukraine and this flight to earn a free flight for later.

Minuses, it's Delta, if you read both blogs you will remember they canceled the second leg of my round trip ticket from Ukraine because I missed my flight on the 15th of December and my new flight was in the holiday block. Of course they did say I could use it January 20th instead, yea, that was helpful!

From my POV Delta owes my family the money back for that ticket...that would never happen.

We would appreciate continued prayers.


junglemama said...

Wow! That is expensive. I hope something comes along that helps lower the cost.

Sarah said...

I'd go with the changeable tickets for the extra $200 without question. Good luck.

My three little girls

My three little girls
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