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Thursday, March 5, 2009

SO adorable

Manda Moo, what a character she is showing us, we know it was likely always there, and she is just relaxing a little more every day.

Today I watched her climb on the rocking dog by herself, BY HERSELF!! I have been showing her how for weeks and she finally did it, I am so impressed, what a smarty pants.

She signed more to me when she was eating, FINALLY, she was very pleased with herself.

Her daddy came home from work and she squealed in delight and rushed over to him, bootie scooting all the way, saying da da da da. He picked her up and she cuddled into him, she adores here daddy. It is so wonderful to see her wanting attention and giving back affection. She is quite a love bug, and who would have figured that from the scared and withdrawn little girl we brought home?

She does grind her teeth, drop her head and breath heavily still, but not as often, and she stops when we tell her to, so she is making good progress. However, her PT evaluation places her below the 1 percentile for gross motor compared to other 48 month olds, so yes, she is very delayed, but she is also making progress, maybe she is more like a 6 month old now?

I will try to take pictures tomorrow. She finally has feeding therapy tomorrow, all the illness here kept the therapists away, they certainly did not need to catch this terrible flu.


grammygwen said...

That's wonderful news!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am so happy to hear that she is doing so well. She sure is a cutie. I am not surprised about how much she loves her daddy.... after all if I remember correctly it was him that seen her pic and said I want her. So it is kind of like love at first site for the two of them.LOL

Hope she continues to improve.

I look forward to the day that I can meet her as well as the rest of the family finally.

Jennifer said...

That is an amazing photo! She is so beautiful! Amanda is lucky to finally have a home where she can relax and be herself.

Alice said...

Yeah, Amanda!! I knew you would get on that toy by yourself one of these days. I bet you're proud of yurself!!!

My three little girls

My three little girls
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