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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The promised pictures

Here are the pictures I promised. It is challenging to get good pictures of Amanda because she wants to sit with me when I sit on the floor. I like to take picture on their level. I kept taking her off my lap, but she kept coming back. LOL Amanda is not growing like a weed; more like a rare flower that needs a lot of TLC. I wish I had her metabolism.
Amanda working her lower abs! Honestly, she can hold her legs in the air for 5-10 minutes at a time, her core is strong. I love her delicate little feet.

Ahhhhhh, she is such a precious little lass, isn't she? It is such a privilege to see her blossom, we are blessed to have her in our family. Her bangs need to be cut again! He her grows so much faster than the other girls does.

Look how long her hair has gotten. She also has dark roots, LOL, maybe 2 shades darker than her lightest hair. We were joking that she was a bottle blond, but it is obvious she is a true blond!
It is peculiar to me that Manda gets a dirty face 30 minutes after eating, we think she must have food in her mouth she does not swallow, and it gets all over her face sometime later. She still looks beautiful to me, dirty face and all.

I did post a couple on Meghan's blog too.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What cute pics.

grammygwen said...

I love the new pictures. What a cutie. Her little dress is adorable.

Amanda said...

Great pictures! She's so beautiful!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

carol said...

I have to agree beautiful pictures. her hair sure has grown. What a cutie pie.I am glad she did not get as sick as eeryone lse.

Carla said...

I love the pictures. She is SO precious.

Alice said...

What a beautiful girl! So glad she is relaxing more and more. Love that blonde hair!!

Anonymous said...

i love your choice of clothes. have noticed previously you are a boutique kind of woman and gymboree. i love her hair bows.

Arizona mom to eight said...

We love Gymboree, and we have a lot left over for Meghan, she had too much. I only get Boutique if it is on extreme sale, and I always get Gymboree on sale with discount coupons or Gymbuck! Sometimes I get it on Ebay too.

My three little girls

My three little girls
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