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Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are who we are

Digesting information, getting used to saying "She was diagnosed with autism" to therapists, yes, that was what the last two weeks were like for me. No one was surprised, everyone expected it, Amanda is who she is.

SO now we move forward, "she is not terminal for heavens sakes", that is what I told myself as I kicked myself in the butt, "time to move on Kris".

Last night was HOT, we were all uncomfortable and no one was falling asleep, Julia was restless, Meghan was too, and Amanda and Kara were in the cribs playing at midnight. Amanda, giggling her head off and having so much fun, we had to go and see what she was doing. She was just plain happy, she is a relatively happy little girl, and she engages in simple pleasures that bring her tremendous joy. Rocking on a toy, playing in the water, being held and tickled.

We think she loves us, we love her, and we will all help her as much as we can. We are used to the scenic route in our lives journey, this is just another trip on a road we have not travelled. There is always something exciting about going a new way, lets get started!


carol said...

I heard it was very hot in Arizona. Please be careful and stay cool. Do you guys have air conditing?

How great that Amanda is so happy.Kids laughter is contagious. I love it. I do think she knows you love her and she loves all of you. What a lucky little girl to have found such a amazing family that loves her so very much.

Stay cool and be safe.

Charissa said...

God knew who just the right mama would be for her. She is a lucky girl.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You all are so lucky to have each other. Gotta love happy kids.

datri said...

Hey, autism is just another "thing", y'know? Doesn't change who she is.

Glad you got a diagnosis. Kayla's pediatrician is still asking me "are you sure she has autism and she's not just really mentally retarded?" GRRRR. In spite of the fact that I have had TWO doctors diagnose Kayla.

And Kayla is perfectly happy and content being who she is. Just as Amanda is perfectly happy and content being who she is. And that's all that matters.

Shea said...

I am sorry for diagnosis though I know you really suspected it. Still, she really is a lovely girl. I hope therapy helps her. ~HUGS~

Alice said...

I'm glad for the diagnosis if it helps Amanda get services she might need. Otherwise, she is still the same precious little platinum princess. I'm so glad she has you for a Mama. I know she will be secure and safe to be herself. May she be blessed with much laughter and happiness. What joy it must give you to hear that laughter.

ds.mama said...

What a beautiful, positive outlook and attitude you have. You are a blessing to your children.

Molly said...

I have to say, I work with a ton of kids with autism. They are my favorites. I'm not supposed to have favorites, but I adore them. I have one little boy who gets in the pool, and yells "I LOVE THE POOL!" while splashing around. He runs up the hill every day going "MOLLY!" and jumps into my arms.

if that's how his autism manifests, I'll take it.

Yes, he has meltdowns, delayed speech, sensory issues. But he is will. and I love him, autism and all!

Ahmed said...

God bless you tender heart.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once