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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying to walk?

Amanda loves her Daddy, she will not let him sit down unless she is sitting with him! She also does something else for him that she will not do for me; she stand up unsupported. Last night she stood up and took a step. Daddies face showed his pride in her, and Amanda was so excited. Her problem is, she lacks strength in her little legs for walking, they were quivering while she stood there. She needs PT so badly, I hope one calls soon, we have waited 5 months for Kara to get one too, I suppose there are not any in town right now, otherwise, surely we would have one by now.

I need to get over to John's office, no Wendy, I did not completely forget, sorry not enough hours in the day lately/ We will get the pony rider and seat for Amanda next week. I think it will be what she needs to develop strength in her legs. I think this looks like something to motivate her too, see image above. We believe that Amanda is feeling left out since Kara began walking, and this is why she is trying so hard. She really is a jealous little girl lately, and has been kicking Kara and hitting her, uh oh!

I forgot to mention that her dental exam and x-ray showed no issues, the dentist said she may just have issues with her gums like so many kids with Ds do. Well, you know I hate it when doctors generalize about my kids (or folks with Ds), so I will keep a close eye on Manda Moos teeth and gums, I think something may be going on.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW Amanda.... You are trying so hard to be a big girl...... don't rush too fast...

I am so proud that she took her first step.

I am kinda nieve when it comes to what the pony walker is and how it works but hope it will work wonders for her.

amyl4 said...

How exciting to hear that Amanda is standing alone!:) Also good news about her teeth, I know that must be a big relief for you. I love your header picture of Amanda! She has the prettiest blue eyes!:)

carol said...

I love seeing Tom with the girls. Amanda looks so happy and in love in his arms. Standing alone now that is progress. I am like Golden Angels I do not understand the pony walker either.But i am sure you will let us know.
Enjoy those girls how they are all three changing.Your doing a good job mom.
carol n

Shea said...

It sure sounds like Amanda loves her daddy!!! I am glad she is doing so well!! I hope PT starts soon. It must be frustrating to be fighting to get her what she needs.

Charlotte said...


She has gotten so big, she is doing so good !

Here's my blog to Sasha ~ www.comehomesasha.blogspot.com

Charlotte and crew

My three little girls

My three little girls
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