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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas Angel Tree Program

Reece's Rainbow began their Angel Tree program on the 1st of November. Since 2006 this has been a major fundraiser for this Down syndrome adoption charity.

You can make a donation towards an individual child's (children) grant fund. Every cent donated remains in that child's grant fund until they are adopted. This year there are 100 precious children, all with Down syndrome, who desperately need forever families, some who will soon face institutionalization.

Amanda received donations in her Reece's Rainbow grant fund which helped us with the costs of her adoption. Donations like these make a huge difference in a family to afford adoption, it also helps a family commit to a child who has a large grant. Please give generously.

Please remember that there are other places who offer individual family grants as well, such as Gift of Adoption Fund, they have helped our family adopt both girls, and have been very generous with us. We could not have completed Kara's adoption without their help, and they continued to help by awarding us a post-adoption grant that helped us pay off $2500 of the $7,000 we still owe in adoption debts.

This holiday season, instead of buying another DVD or CD for a gift, please think about giving the gift of a forever family to an orphan. Please donate today.

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My three little girls

My three little girls
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