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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Down Syndrome Connection of Tucson

We have been members of this group since Meghan was 2 months old, we love our fellow parents and their children and are so grateful for all they have helped us with these past few years.

We do what little we can to help out, making brochures or helping with our annual picnic in a minor way. I have been working on a logo for over a year, nothing seems to reduce in size well, I have a logo making program, I bought it for eBay two years ago, it wasn't an expensive one, and I use it for some of the graphics I use in my blogs. I also went to Vista Print trying to find one that felt like who were were.

You can see some examples of the logos. None of them are print ready, I tend to like the one from Vista Print the most, with the three children. I designed the others myself from scratch, and while I liked them when I was making them, and these are a sampling of 50 or so, I am not that fond of them now. (laughing)

This year Tom and I have taken over the web page design and function, it has not been updated for almost two years but taking it over has been wrought with problems and we are still not ready because some codes still need to be entered into the new server from the old.
Tom has been working on the code for 3 months, we worked on design ideas when we were in Ukraine, I have not yet gotten my hands on the web page design because we cannot get the server to upload correctly, but we are almost there. I would love to have the new logo available for the new web page. With what little we have done, and we are busy parents ourselves, there are so many who do so much more.

BUSY, that is what many of us are. Kathy is the president of DS Connection, she is AMAZING and so very busy, I don't know how she does all she does. She is involved in many of the organizations that serve our special needs (I know, not PC to say this) community. She goes to so many board meetings, I get exhausted hearing about her schedule. I know that without Kathy and others like her in our community, nothing would be done for our children and adults with Down syndrome, CP, Autism, cognitive disabilities, etc.
The first logo I made, in January 2007

Kathy is also a dear friend and someone I turn to for advice for my girls, and I wanted to tell her thank you. She was supportive and caring from that first meeting when Meghan was three months old and Kathy lovingly embraced her. Her joy in meeting Meghan obvious by the huge smile on her face and the warmth and acceptance in her eyes. I am grateful for the help she gave me during my health crisis 5 years ago, and the celebratory plant she gave me for my 5th anniversary. For everything she did to help with our adoption of Kara right up to last Wednesday, when she babysat Meghan so I could take Kara to her Child Find meeting.

Thank you Kathy for all you do in the community, for your family and for your friends. You are an amazing woman! Now lets pick a logo woman, do it in your spare time!! (laughing) I put a heart in the first one!! (wink)

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You amaze me lady.... You do so much for everyone else.... you need to do a few things for your self now and again.

My three little girls

My three little girls
Finally got all three to smile at once