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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update on our progress

We are 70% done with our Estonian dossier, we have three more documents to complete this. We do need to have an I-171H from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, CIS for short) that says Estonia, our current I-171H says we are approved to adopt two girls from Ukraine. So that needs to be changed if we want the dossier completed for Amanda's adoption.

It seems it is not so easy to change paperwork for the CIS. We thought we could file a simple form; I-824, and change the I-171H to allow us to adopt from both countries but a message last night from CIS informed us that we could not do this. We have to wait until our adoption in Ukraine is complete before we can request the I-171H be changed to Estonia and then this change wired to the consulate in Estonia. We risk losing the paper approval for Ukraine if we try to change the I-171H now, and we will not risk Eva's adoption.

Our agency for Estonia is very motivated to get us approved as soon as possible and wants the I-171H changed quickly, so our only recourse is to file another I-600A for Estonia and one child. We do not want to lose Amanda due to any delays, we have already lost one beloved little girl.

What is an I-600? I-600A?? I-171H? I-824? Click Here to read about it.


amyl4 said...

My prayers for you to get a speedy return on your new I-171H form.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Thank you Amy.

My three little girls

My three little girls
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